From Stressing on Saving Planet to Inviting ‘Friends’ to India, Here’s All About PM Modi’s Denmark Visit

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday called on the citizens of Denmark to come to India and jointly search for answers to problems related to climate change and environmental degradation. Speaking to the Indian community who settled in Denmark during his visit to the northern country, Modi emphasized that India’s role in harming the climate is negligible and the need of the hour is to promote a “Lifestyle for the Environment” (LIFE).

“I want to tell our Danish friends to come to India together to look for answers to the planet’s problems,” he said while referring to the famous phrase of Danish physicist Niels Bohr – Nobel laureate – “I go to the Upanishads to ask questions.”

Amid chants of “Modi, Modi,” “Modi Hai to Momkin Hai,” and “Bharat Mata ki Jai” by his NRI supporters, the Prime Minister sought to coin the term “Chalu India” (let’s go to India) “Chalu India” and asked The attendees persuaded at least five of their non-Indian friends to visit the country. In a lively gathering, he said, “You should inspire at least five of your friends to visit India…and people will say ‘Shalu India.’ This is the work that all of you ‘Rasdut’ (Ambassadors of the Homeland) have to do.”

Modi spoke about the possibilities of cooperation between India and Denmark in electric mobility, green hydrogen, waste-to-wealth, sustainable urbanization, green charging, science, technology and innovation. “Denmark was with us in the White Revolution in India, and is now a strong partner in our green future,” he added.

“Life: a lifestyle for the environment”

The Prime Minister further said that the need of the hour is to promote a “lifestyle for the environment”. “The use-and-throw mentality is negative for the planet. A necessary departure from the consumption-oriented approach and the need of the hour is the promotion of ‘LIFE – Lifestyle for Environment’. India’s role in harming the climate is negligible, and the Indians have had no role in harming the planet.”

He said that India’s ability to deal with global challenges is in the interest of the entire world. Modi, who called India ‘the pharmacy of the world’, spoke about the successful vaccine aid that India has provided to countries in need during the COVID-19 pandemic. “If India had not worked on cheap and effective vaccines made in India, and had not been mass-produced, what would have been the situation in many countries of the world?” Asked.

Modi added, “India has the scale and speed as well as the values ​​of engagement and care. So investing in India’s ability to deal with global challenges is in the interest of the entire world. When India lifts its citizens out of poverty, poverty all over the world decreases. When the poor get In India on many utilities such as housing, sanitation, clean drinking water, free healthcare and financial inclusion, this is giving new confidence to many countries of the world.”

“My number in India?”

Talking about India’s approach to technology to meet the challenges of the modern era, Prime Minister Modi said five to six years ago, the country was one of the most backward in terms of per capita data consumption. But he added that the situation has changed today.

“When I talked about digital India, some people raised all kinds of questions. “My number is in India?” Today, we in India are doing more than many large countries together do to consume mobile data per capita. The most important thing is to add new users from the villages of India. It empowered the villages and the poor…it opened the door to a very large digital market.This is the true story of the new India,”Modi said.

“Inclusivity and Cultural Diversity Strengths of India”

Prime Minister Modi also said that “inclusivity and cultural diversity” have underpinned Indian society and these values ​​have developed for thousands of years. “Inclusivity and cultural diversity is the strength of Indian society, making us all feel alive at every moment. These values ​​have developed within us for thousands of years,” he said, adding that Indians, wherever they go in the world, have contributed to “karmabumi” (the land of work) for this country.

“The presence of Prime Minister (Matt) Frederiksen here today is a testament to the love and respect of Indians. Often when I meet world leaders, they tell me with pride about the achievements of the Indian community that has settled in their country,” said the Prime Minister, noting that the number of Indians settled in The outside was higher than the population of some countries.

Modi said the India-Denmark green strategic partnership is guided by Frederiksen’s personal priorities and values. “My discussions with her today will give new strength and new energy to the relations between the two countries. This is indicative of the growing ties between India and Denmark. Whatever the language, but we all have Indian culture. Our plate of food changes, our taste changes. But the Indian way of pleading time and time again has not changed. “.

Moody summons FOMO

Citing the popular social media expression FOMO (fear of missing out), Prime Minister Modi said those who do not invest in India will surely miss out. Addressing the Indo-Danish Business Forum, he said that the ongoing economic reforms have created investment opportunities in various sectors such as green technology, cold chains, shipping and ports.

He added that India is also working on the PM-Gati Shakti program to create next generation infrastructure facilities. “These days, the term FOMO or ‘fear of missing out’ is gaining traction on social media. Looking at the reforms and investment opportunities in India, I can say that those who do not invest in our country will definitely miss out on it,” a tweet from the Prime Minister’s Office quotes him saying.

Modi, who arrived in Copenhagen from Germany, was greeted by Frederiksen at the airport as a special gesture. After talks with the Danish prime minister at Marienborg, her official residence, Modi said more than 200 Danish companies are already in India and benefit from the central government’s “ease of doing business” initiative.

“There are huge investment opportunities for Danish companies and Danish pension funds in India’s infrastructure and green industries,” the prime minister said in a tweet. Danish companies operate in different sectors such as wind energy, shipping, consultancy, food processing and engineering.

He and Frederiksen agreed that the opportunities created by the Green Strategic Partnership would likely lead to an upward trajectory in bilateral trade and investment. In this context, the two Prime Ministers welcomed the launch of the ‘Indian Green Finance Initiative’, which aims to contribute to the financing of green projects in India with the aim of accelerating green growth and job creation in India, in a joint statement issued by India and Denmark said.

The two leaders also agreed to expand cooperation in the field of agriculture through a joint declaration of intent to establish a center of excellence for dairy products among others.

Ukraine war, features of the Indo-Pacific region in bilateral talks

Earlier in the day, during their talks, the two leaders also exchanged views on the Ukraine war and called for an immediate ceasefire as well as a return to the path of dialogue and diplomacy to resolve the crisis. Meanwhile, Frederiksen hoped that India would use its influence over Russia to end the war.

“We have called for an immediate ceasefire in Ukraine and a return to dialogue and diplomacy to resolve the crisis,” Modi said. Frederiksen said she hoped India would influence Russia in Ukraine and asked Russian President Vladimir Putin to “stop this war and end the killings”. . My message is very clear that Putin must stop this war and end the killings. I hope, of course, that India will influence Russia as well in this discussion.”

The two leaders also stressed ensuring a “free, open and inclusive” Indo-Pacific region during their talks in Copenhagen. Modi said India and Denmark share the values ​​of democracy, freedom of expression and the rule of law. Agreeing with him, Frederiksen said, “We share many values. We are two democracies, we both believe in a rules-based international order. In times like these, we need to build a stronger bridge between us.”

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