From Cheating Allegations to Final Marks, Things to Resolve Before Results

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) The 10th and 12th Board exams for 2022 will be over very soon – by June 15th. The process of evaluating the answer sheets will likely start after the exams are over. More than 30 students take their annual CBSE exams every year, however, this year, the results will be different.

Initially, CBSE conducts Board exams twice per academic year. The boards are divided into two parts – Term 1 and 2. Term 1 exams are over and the results are out. Term 2 is continuous. Term 1 results were not the end result. Regardless of the grades a student received in Semester 1, they were allowed to sit for Semester 2. There was no pass or fail in Semester 1 but there were many disputes about the final results, which must be resolved before they are announced.

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cheating allegations

This year, the first semester CBSE exams, which took place between November and December of 2021, were allegedly marred by allegations of cheating. According to the CBSE School Management Association (CSMA), many schools have helped their students cheat. The first term examinations were held in the respective student schools.

The association claimed that the schools shared the question paper with the students before the exam. Several teachers helped the students get answers by providing them with answer keys. The question papers were allegedly leaked over the local area network and WhatsApp as well. In its letter to the CBSE, the CSMA has asked the Board to cancel the CBSE First Semester Exam.

There were allegations that many schools required students to mark their answers with a “c” which was later converted to “a”, “b” or “d”, depending on which option was correct. However, the board of directors did not respond to these allegations. There has also been a delay in the release of Board I exam results for Classes 10 and 12. Whether Term 1 will have a weight less than or equal to one as the Term 2 results are not yet known.

run 2 marks

The CBSE had earlier said that it would work towards the final score for the first and second semesters. The weighting of the Board exams for Semester 1 and Semester 2 will be determined at the time of the announcement of the Semester 2 result after which the final result will be calculated accordingly.

While the board has yet to announce the exact weight for each semester, students and academics have been calling for first semester result scores to be given less weight and that internal assessment should have more weight. They also want an option to choose the two best terms.

The demands came after allegations of cheating by the schools. Parents and academics demanded that it would be unfair to give so much importance to first term exams amid such allegations of students who wrote exams seriously. Many schools have also asked the board of directors to reduce the weight of the first semester.

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The final result

Students asked for the “Best of Both Terms” formula for the CBSE final score. This means, the student, that he wants the flexibility to choose which of the signs of the two terms he wants to use. This comes from the CBSE rule that allows students to choose the top five scores out of six to calculate the final percentage when it comes to college admissions.

Moreover, the CBSE earlier said that it will calculate the final score based on one term and an internal one, if they miss one of the two terms. Students who did not appear in the first semester exams are also allowed to appear in the second semester exams. These students will get their final results which will likely be based on the term for which they appeared. There is no exact confirmation of this yet. Thus, the CBSE will have to find a way to calculate the score for these students. Final scores are expected to be announced by July.

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