France’s Nations League final four hopes vanish with Croatia defeat | Football News

Holders France failed to qualify for the final four of the league when they fell to a 1-0 defeat at home to Croatia as they remained undefeated in Monday’s competition.

The world champions, who have now lost two and drawn two, are in last place in Group 1 by two points, with Croatia stumbling to a staggering five thanks to an early Luka Modric penalty.

Denmark topped Austria by 2-0 with nine points to spare and a catch from France, which is in danger of being set back when the group has two games remaining.

Austria came in third with four points.

France coach Didier Deschamps has restructured his team once again as players look to rest at the end of the season and have never fielded the best team in all four games this month.

Les Blues showed their lack of ideas in the draw against Croatia and Austria before losing to Denmark four years ago in a World Cup final.

Croatia took the early lead five minutes later when Modric converted a penalty after Ibrahim Conat fouled Ante Budimir. It was Modric’s 22nd goal in 152 appearances for Croatia.

Kylian Embamp had two chances but was heavily threatened by Josip Brecalo in the 17th minute.

Deschamps made two changes at half-time, bringing in Aurelian Tchaumeni for Boubacher Kamara in midfield and Benjamin Paward for Jules County on the right flank of the defense.

Mbappe had two more chances but Ivica Ivusic stayed comfortably as Croatia controlled the pace of the game.

Antoine Griezmann put in a last-ditch effort to save Deschamps Point for 10 minutes to replace Matteo Gundouzi.

But it was in vain as France failed to score for the first time since scoring goals in their previous 23 matches.

“It was a tough June in terms of the outcome. We didn’t have the strength and the strength to go up against more teams than us,” Deschamps said.

“We’ve lost a little bit of confidence along the way but there is often a lack of freshness in it. When you play too many games it can be very difficult.”

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