Floods damaged standing crop across 1.35L hectare in Vidarbha, says Fadnavis

Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, who visited the flood-hit districts of Warda and Chandrapur on Tuesday, said crops across nearly 1.35 hectares of land were damaged by floods in several parts of Vidarbha district. He said the farmers are likely to bear an additional financial burden due to the continuous rains in the past seven days.

Late in the evening a meeting was held in Nagpur to review the situation in the region. Out of the 11 districts of Vidarbha district, at least three – Gadchiroli, Wardha and Chandrapur – suffer heavy rains.

Speaking to media in Nagpur, Fadnavis said, “The preliminary report shows crop loss on 1.35 thousand hectares in the area. Only 40 to 45 per cent of the second crop can be grown.”

“There is no contact in several remote villages in the area,” said Fadnavis, who visited Gadchiroli last week.

Fadnavis, while directing the district authorities to conduct the panchanamas to ensure that the flood damage extends to crops, “It appears that the rain pattern has changed in the past few years. The monsoon continues until mid-September. The management will have to put in place a concrete plan to address the protracted monsoons,” Fadnavis said. “.
Fadnavis reiterated his government’s commitment to financially compensating farmers who suffered from the floods, “Unfortunately, Maha Vikas Agadi government has failed to compensate farmers for crop loss in the past two and a half years. During my tour, I received complaints from farmers who told me that they were still waiting for loss compensation. crops owed to them.”

He said that along with the current crop loss assessment, pending compensation will also be taken into account while providing assistance to farmers.

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