Fawad Khan’s blink-and-miss appearance in Ms Marvel leaves fans curious about his role

We know that Fawad Khan is part of Ms. Marvel’s team. But when on Wednesday many fans saw his name at the end of the show’s fourth episode, they were left wondering. Yes, Fouad is already a part of the last episode, only because his light appearance went unnoticed by many.

It was the passing look of the Pakistani star in one of the photos. Kamala Khan She arrives in Karachi at the request of her grandmother. Kamala, who wants to explore her origins and the secret behind the bracelet’s powers, shows an old photo where her grandmother stands with her father. One second shot and you might miss that the man standing next to the little girl in the sepia picture is Fawad himself.

This means that Fouad Khan plays Kamala Hassan’s grandfather, who is expected to enter the full show in the next episode. It will be part of a flashback sequence when Kamala’s grandmother reveals her mother Ayesha, performed by Mahwish Hayat, the original owner of the bracelet.

Since then, fans have been flocking to social media, about Fawad Khan being a part of Ms. Marvel.

Meanwhile, Indian fans are already interested in watching Bollywood actor and director Farhan Akhtar play a crucial role in Waleed In the new episode. He is the leader of the Red Daggers, a vigilante group, who helps Kamala from secret attacks. These latter are led by Najma Nimra Bucha, a jinn conspiring to return to their home, following Noor by clinging to a Kalama bracelet. However, people were hoping that the actor would have a longer, more embodied part.

Mrs. Marvel explores the story of a Pakistani-American teenage girl (Iman Vilani), who is a fan of superheroes. After she inherited a bracelet from her grandmother, she realized that she had supernatural powers. The origin story follows Kamala’s transformation into Mrs. Marvel, who is set to appear in the upcoming Captain Marvel movie.

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