Fans throng late singer Moose Wala’s village on his 29th birth anniversary

Fans gathered at Musa village in Mansa district on Saturday to pay tribute to the so-called Sidhu Moos Wala on the 29th birthday anniversary of slain Punjabi singer and politician Shubhadeep Singh Sidhu.

The burial place of Moos Wala’s ancestor is now a memorial. The image of the late singer is placed in front of a small brick stage where his final rites are accomplished with the note ‘Surme Marde Nahi Amar Ho Jande Ne (legends never die but become immortal).

Fans were seen clicking and capturing videos in front of Moose Walla’s pictures. Some people cut the cake in place.

Kiranjot Kaur, a fan who came with the children to pay homage to the late singer, said: “Moos Wala Mansa is proud and people will always remember them and celebrate their lives even after their death. They have not killed him but made him Amar (immortal).

Another fan Rajveer said, “Despite being a star, he was settled and always loved rural life and loved his parents. His songs were not only about guns, but more – about their love for their village, parents and people. Everyone remembers him as a legend.

Reuniting with his brother through the Kartarpur corridor, Sika Khan visited Musa village to pay tribute to the singer. Even in Pakistan, people did not cook for three days when they heard the news of Sidhu Moos Wala’s assassination.

On this occasion, various NGOs conducted blood donation camps and plantation drives in different parts of Mansa district. Free saplings were distributed to all who arrived at his memorial on Saturday. Moos Wala’s mother, Charan Kaur, had appealed to the people at the Antrim Ardas ceremony to plant a tree in memory of the singer.

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