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It’s always great to watch videos where people give a surprise gift to someone because their reaction is heartwarming to see. In one such video posted on Instagram, an elderly man surprises his late wife’s birthday with a brand new car from his family. The reaction of a man after receiving a gift can make you even tear up, because it can be quite emotional to watch.

The video was posted a week ago on the Instagram page mansharma4real. It has garnered more than 1.5 million views so far, and it’s viral. “My Nanuvi doesn’t know that we are gifting him a car today!” Says adding text in video. The video begins with an elderly man sitting in a car and his family wondering if he knows it. The insertion of the text in the video is described as the birthday of an elderly man’s late wife. The family plans to surprise the guy to this day because he knows he will miss her so much. The man’s granddaughter takes her to the new car she bought. When he knew he had gotten a new car for him, he couldn’t believe it before. At the end of the video, the person is seen crying on the phone.

“The only healthy moments for this man,” the video caption says.

Watch the video below:

After the post, the video has received more than two lakh likes and many comments.

The Instagram user commented, “When I was 14, I lost my I and Nani in two months in 2014, then nothing feels the same … You are blessed.” “He knows he’s done good in life … He raised his family right,” another wrote. “One of the sweetest things on social media. God bless all of you. ”

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