Facing BJP nationalism heat, TRS counters by invoking Kakatiyas, Telangana pride

The Telangana Rashtra Samethi (TRS) government of Telangana is preparing to hold a week-long event starting on Thursday to celebrate the rich history of the Kakatiya dynasty, with the state’s tourism and culture minister in Srinivas Gud saying the event will showcase the history and achievements of the Kakatiya era between the 12th and 14th centuries, when the Kakatiya ruled Dynasty present-day Telangana and Andhra region with its capital, Warangal.

The ‘Kakatiya Vaibhava Saptaham’ program will highlight the history, culture, traditions and legacy of the Kakatiya dynasty. “They are an important part of Telangana and its pride,” Judd said.

Minister of Information Technology and Industry and Working Head of TRS, KT Rama RaoThe son of Telangana Chief Minister and TRS Chairman K Chandrashekar Rao and Goud released a brochure on the Kakatiya event on Tuesday.

To promote the event to be held in Warangal, the state government has even invited Kakatiyas descendant Kamal Chandra Bhanj Deo of Chattisgarh’s Bastar as its chief guest.

Addressing a public meeting at Hyderabad’s parade grounds on 3 July after the BJP’s national executive meeting in the city, Prime Minister Narendra Modi He praised the Kakatiya dynasty and highlighted the rich cultural history of Telangana.

While the BJP has been aggressively fanning nationalism while doing its best to defy the TRS, the latter has resorted to championing regionalism and Telangana pride to punish the Saffron Party – and holding the Kakatiya celebration appears to be part of that strategy.

In its election campaigns, TRS has always played a role in stirring up regional sentiment as the party’s poll main slate centered on the slogan “Jai Telangana”.

CM KCR praises Kakatiyas whenever he talks about Telangana. Sources said the week-long event will aim to raise awareness about kakatiyas among the state’s youth and instill in them a sense of regional pride.

The Republika Srpska government has named its scheme to revive the state’s water reservoirs, ponds and lakes “The Kakatiya Mission” in honor of Kakatiya rulers, who commissioned more than 50,000 water reservoirs across the region to harvest and store rainwater and enhance groundwater levels. The emblem of the Telangana government also features the distinctive bow of the Kakatiya dynasty. The UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Ramappa Temple near Warangal, and the Temple of a Thousand Columns are notable examples of Kakatiya architecture.

For Telangana political parties, the celebration of the Kakatiyas is rooted in their endeavors to promote regional and Telangana sentiments. In the run-up to the state assembly elections scheduled for late next year, with the BJP continuing to ramp up pressure on the TRS, the latter has been looking to rekindle strong regional pride among the people through various platforms. It also includes an event meant to celebrate the legacy of the late PV Narasimha Rao, the former Prime Minister, who was born in Warangal.

The Kakatiya dynasty, known for its distinctive architecture, ruled from Warangal during AD 1083-1323. The Kakatiya built many temples and took various measures to ensure an efficient irrigation system. Proula II, who ruled from 1110 to 1158 AD, established the independent Cakatias dynasty, which ruled earlier as the Chalukyas caliphate.

Reacting to the week-long Kakatiya event organized by the KCR government, BJP spokesperson K Krishna Sagar Rao said: “The TRS has reacted very quickly. The BJP has started an initiative to promote the culture and history of Telangana. This is clearly a countermeasure ”.

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