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Often in the midst of a hectic schedule, we lose our nourishment. It further creates an unhealthy lifestyle for us, which affects our body and health. Proper nutrition and a balanced diet can help our body fight chronic diseases. It helps boost immunity, cardiovascular health and lower cholesterol. In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Kavita Devgan, nutritionist and Tata Sampan gave five tips on how to take care of nutrition despite a hectic schedule. Check it out here:

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Breakfast: Breakfast is not negotiable. Losing the most important meal of the day by rinsing with a glass of milk can lead to further reduced stamina, brain fog and weight gain. “In fact, breakfast is called slimmer, fitter, more energy, better memory, and more healthy. Therefore, avoid this meal only if you want to reduce your health. Avoid or wake up 30 minutes before breakfast.” Said Kavita Devgan.

Be prepared: Plans are needed to keep up with nutrition. It is recommended to mix the vegetables and store them in various boxes for use with food items in order to increase the nutritional value. “Always store baked potatoes and sweet potatoes. Veggie – Mutter Aloo, Dahi Aloo, Potato Salad, Aloo Beans … help you to blend in the moment. Prepare and store some items for later use – such as tomato and coriander-mint chutney and onion gravy. Mix, so you can use them as a curry base or sandwich, ”said Kavita Devgan, adding that to save time, we can prepare our next meal with the first meal.

Lens: Lentils help when we are deprived of nutrition in our daily diet. They are packed with protein, fiber and other nutrients, which helps to cover up the absence of a healthy diet. They can be used creatively in plenty of food items.

Colorful plate: “Eating a colorful food is the easiest and most effective way to ensure well-being and keep a number of diseases at bay. Eating colorful foods is the easiest and most effective way to automatically ensure well-being and good disease prevention. Therefore, eat a rainbow plate – yellow, red, green, purple. Include products of all colors in the diet, ”said the nutritionist.

Eat whole: Nutritionists recommended that we focus on adding fifty percent of whole grains to our diet. It is also advisable to buy pure spices in addition to their oil.

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