Exclusive! Karan Wahi talks about his return to Channa Mereya: I was not ready to give 30 days a month to TV because I feel I’ll burnout.

While he is hosting TV shows, actor Karan Wahi has been away from daily soaps for almost six years and will soon be back on the tube with Channa Mereya. For TV, “TV has evolved with time”.

He adds, “TV has gone through ups and downs but it’s still stable. It was shot differently. But I’m glad my show is so well written. I love the fact that there are manufacturers who are so excited to make the show.

His six-year sabbatical from daily soap didn’t really bother Wahi, who didn’t count. “People have long asked why you don’t make TV. I believe there is a certain funda I work with. Working on TV is not a problem but the time frame you have to offer or the fact that you are doing the same thing over and over again is monotonous. Sometimes you get complacent and we don’t realize it. I’m very drawn to how the producers put me together and take me through the character. It’s rare to happen, ”Wahi explains.

The actor admits that he has a goal of returning to do the show, however, no offers have come to fruition. In the meantime ask them how many shows they have turned down and they quickly reply, “I don’t want to answer that question. Because even if I answer that question very humbly, it seems pretentious. He explains, “I have tried to do TV for the last few years. But I want to do something that makes me happy, not just for money. Initially, we needed money because we didn’t earn much. But over time you will find more.

He admits that it’s not a lack of creativity to turn away from TV. “They were creatively satisfied,” he says, “TV needs 25-30 days a month. But I’m not ready to give it 30 days a month because I burn myself out and can’t do justice to it.

When his Chan’s cheering show is all about love, ask him about his chana in real life and he’ll quickly cut you off, saying, “There’s no Channa in my life right now. I think my show is the only one I have in my life, ”he says. So is he alone? And Pat answers, “I think a lot of people have known this for a long time.”

Wahi has been quite vocal about his relationship with Uditi Singh. However, he does not want to talk about the breakup, our sources confirm that it took place a few months ago. “A lot of people have known for a long time,” he says and signing, “I’m here to talk about work alone.”

Singh and Wahi have deleted all their pictures from their social media.

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