Ex-civil servants want SC to withdraw ‘gratuitous observations’ in Gujarat riots case order, seek Setalvad’s release

In an ‘open letter’, they also asked the Supreme Court to issue a clarification that it was not their intention that Setalvad, who was arrested the day after the verdict and arrested by Gujarat Police the following day for allegedly making a fabrication. Evidence in relation to riot cases, you should face arrest. They urged the Supreme Court to order her unconditional release.

“Every day of silence diminishes the prestige of the Court and raises questions about its determination to uphold a fundamental principle of the Constitution: the protection of the fundamental right to life and liberty against questionable actions of the state,” said the open statement previously signed by 92. civil servants.

Among the signatories are former Federal Home Minister JK Pillai, former Foreign Minister Sujatha Singh, former Chief Information Commissioner Wajat Habibullah, former Health Minister K. Sujatha Rao, former IPS officer A.S.

The statement said that the recent ruling of three judges in the Zakia Ahsan Jafri v. Gujarat court, which was set on June 24, 2022, at the very least, has left the citizens in a state of utter dismay and dismay.

They said it was not only the rejection of the appeal that surprised the people but the “free comments” the board made about the appellants and their lawyers and supporters.

“In its most surprising commentary, the Supreme Court commended the officials of the Special Investigation Team who defended the state and criticized the appellants who challenged the findings of the Special Investigations Tribunal,” the statement said, citing paragraph 88 of the ruling.

On June 24, the Supreme Court had upheld SIT’s clean order for Modi and 63 others in the 2002 community riots, saying there was “little material” to show violence after the “pre-planned” Godhra train massacre due to an alleged criminal plot on The highest level in the state.

“We urge the High Court judges to review their order on their own initiative and withdraw the observations in Section 88. We also ask them to adopt the course of action advocated by a distinguished former member of their fraternity, Judge Madan Locour,” said the statement issued by the former civil servants.

“(Locor) said the court would do well to make it clear that it was not its intention to have Testa Setalvad arrested and at the same time order her unconditional release.”

On July 2, a court in Ahmedabad ruled Sitalvad’s detention for 14 days.

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