Everything Happens For a Reason; You’ve to Trust it, Says Dewald Brevis

At IPL 2022, many unknown youngsters made an impression in the tournament. One of them was the young South African prodigy Dewald Breves, known as “Baby AB” who has competed in the Mumbai Indian Championships five times.

Despite occupying Mumbai at the bottom of the stream, Brevis was one of the few positives in the campaign. It was his first good IPL appearance, making 29 of 19 balls against the Kolkata Knight Riders, followed by five imposing sixes, including four consecutive maximum strikes against leggy Rahul Chahar, in a 25-ball 49 that almost helped Mumbai carry out an unexpected chase. Against Punjab Kings, slammed 31 of 13 balls against Lucknow Super Giants.

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Although Brevis came out eleven after low scores ensued, he learned the lesson of sticking with his runs during the tournament, playing seven matches with Mumbai. “Everything happens for a reason and you have to trust it. Prepare the same way, keep doing the same operations and you just have to be ready, any other time,”

Previs, who ignited the Men’s Under-19 Cricket World Cup in 2022 by being the top scorer with 506 runs in six games, including two centuries plus 96 against Ireland and 97 against eventual runners-up England, loved Shoulder friction against various international cricketers at IPL 2022.

“I really loved playing against these international players. The thing that I felt was important I learned is that I just hit there, my game and I didn’t try to push the limits, it just came naturally.”

With legendary staff in the living room of mentor Sachin Tendulkar, head coach Mahela Jayawardene and director of cricket operations Zaheer Khan, Brevis has been getting plenty of lessons from the game’s supporters.

Previs revealed the advice he got from them. “All these legends, they give you simple tips that really improve your game. For example, to stay true to myself and my game and just have fun with it. They try to give you big tips, it’s little things that really help. Just be yourself, play your game, support yourself and play the way you want it.”

“But the important thing is to know when to go down a little bit and take a little more time. Maybe get away with it and give yourself a little bit of time, some extra amount. Just to get to know the moments a little better. Yeah, it’s just learning and having fun.”

Brevis signed on by saying that his time at the IPL 2022 was very special by the Mumbai Bubble camp members. “There is always something to do, someone always wants to do something, so just have fun, and enjoy it, that’s the best thing. Everyone is always with you and enjoying every moment. So, it’s so special, everyone is so special here.”

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