Every day may be a day too late: Why poll-pumped AAP is raising pitch on MCD election

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said on Tuesday that Adami Public Party would go to the courts for a Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) elections conducted, accusing the center of deliberately delaying it. In his speech to the assembly, he said that when the bill was passed to standardize the MCDs, the center confirmed that a border demarcation commission would be formed, after which elections would take place. But he said the committee had not yet been formed. They don’t want elections. This is against democracy.”

MCD surveys, originally scheduled for April, Hours postponed from the scheduled date for the announcement of the election scheduleAfter the center announced its plan to merge the three civil bodies in the city.

The AAP claims that the center is delaying the civil elections because it fears losing. The party has just won the Delhi House of Representatives elections in style, and before that, swept the Punjab elections. The AAP expects both results to boost its chances in the capital, which has a large Punjab population. Rajinder Nagar, where she won in People, also has a large population from the state.

In fact, AAP has won five out of six in the past 15 months, including four MCD seats in March 2021.

While the party also has the lead in the assembly, a victory for the MCD will help on a different level. It prepares a new line of leadership for the party at the grassroots level. These advisors are very useful in Lok Sabha or Vidhan Sabha polls as they arrange rallies at the local level and get support for party candidates.”

AAP MLA Durgesh Pathak, repeatedly said the party would go to court, “We want to monitor the demarcation process, it cannot disrupt the democratic process indefinitely.”

Speaking in Parliament while the MCD Unification Bill was introduced and approved, Federal Home Minister Amit Shah hinted that elections would be held within six months. “Those who say that the elections (MCD) have been postponed because of fear of elections, are themselves afraid. If you are confident of victory, why do you want elections now? If you have done a good job, you will also win in six months.”

However, sources with the state election commission (SEC) said they have not yet received instructions from the center to begin the delimitation process.

Senior officials of the Election Commission also said Indian Express That the process “will take at least a year,” adding, “We need to map, do physical verification, hold public hearings to call and resolve objections…these things take time.”

The center was saying that the demarcation was necessary to reduce the MCD’s 272 seats to 250.

Referring to a long delay, former mayor of southern MCD Kamaljit Shahwat and BJP leader said there was no clarity on “whether the demarcation will be done as per the 2011 census or the new census”. The ongoing census exercise, which was originally scheduled for 2021, has been postponed due to Covid and pushed to 2023-24.

Attacking the AAP government, lusts accused it of not allowing BJP council members to function by not allocating funds. “There should be clarity in the methodology of distributing the money, so that any government in power works for the welfare of the people,” she said.

BJP Delhi General Secretary Harsh Malhotra also blamed the AAP government for “stopping MCD funding” as the reason for the need to “reform the entire system”. It was up to the SEC to decide when the boundary would be demarcated, he said, “We are not afraid of elections, local body elections are taking place all over India and we win in some places and lose in others.”

Meanwhile, the new and unified MCD was in the process of changing the image, focusing on cleanliness and anti-corruption. Its first month of operations in May saw the establishment of a Corruption Complaints Cell to deal with complaints against municipal officials and administrations. Under Jansunwai’s campaign, 12 deputy district commissioners and two at MCD headquarters meet with the public at a fixed hour five days a week, although this is starting slowly.

One of the problems that continues to plague the new MCD company is the delay in salaries along with the clearing of landfills.

The AAP fears that each passing day is giving the BJP-ruled MCD time to consolidate its action.

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