Ensure uninterrupted supply of sanitary napkins in schools, Delhi HC tells govt

The Supreme Court on Wednesday directed the Delhi government to ensure the uninterrupted supply of sanitary napkins to students under the Kishori Yojana scheme in its schools.

The government advisor told the department board of Chief Justice Satish Chandra Sharma and Judge Subaramonium Prasad that as a temporary arrangement, heads of all government schools have been mandated to purchase sanitary napkins from government e-markets to ensure distribution to each enrolled female student in grades from 6th to 12th July.

It was submitted in response to a petition calling for the service to be reinstated for public school students. The social rights advocate, a group of practicing lawyers and social activists, said in the petition submitted through attorney Ashok Agarwal in May, that the government, since January 2021, has stopped providing sanitary napkins in schools for which girls are facing problems.

The government had previously informed the court that it had launched a new tender for the purchase of sanitary napkins. On Wednesday, the court was informed that efforts were underway to end the regular supply of sanitary napkins to schools.

The government said in a written response that the electronic tender is at an advanced stage, as technical bids have been opened. A total of seven bidders have participated and technical bids are being evaluated for all bidders. The Directorate of Education said in its response that the financial bids will be opened immediately after evaluating the technical bids.

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