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Some moments in life make you feel overwhelmed. When older people meet their grandchildren or grandchildren, it feels like life is full of them. Their reaction when they meet their grandchildren just warms the heart. This video was posted on Instagram showing a 90-year-old woman meeting her grandson for the first time. The heart melts when the woman looks at the baby softly in her arms.

The video was posted on the GoodNewsCorrespondent Instagram page seven hours ago. It has garnered over 18,000 views to date. An elderly woman is found lying on the bed while another woman hands the baby over. The child is her granddaughter. An elderly woman holds the baby gently in her arms and looks so full that she can’t stop exclaiming. She holds the baby’s little feet and hands and kisses her cheek. “Look at her little feet and see her little hands. “Oh, she’s such a baby,” the woman says.

“Simply beautiful: 90-year-old grandmother meets her granddaughter for the first time,” the caption of the video reads.

Watch the video below:

The video received several comments from netizens in awe of the older woman. Many have commented that she does not look 90 years old.

“Your grandmother is not 90 years old! She looks great and she is very happy with your little girl, ”commented an Instagram user. “The Internet should only be filled with this,” wrote another with a heart emoji. “90 years old? She’s gorgeous and such a beautiful inspiration,” a third poster wrote.

What is your opinion on this heartwarming video where a woman first met her granddaughter?

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