Elderly Mentally Ill Man Found Dead in MP’s Neemuch

After a video appeared on the Internet showing a mentally retarded old man found dead, repeatedly slapped by the attacker and asked if his name was “Muhammad”, his family members complained to the police.

A relative of the 65-year-old said a video clip came to light in which the victim can be seen being repeatedly attacked by a man asking him to reveal his identity, an official said Saturday.

The state Congress claimed that the man seen slapping the victim in the video was a local BJP leader and demanded action against him. The video allegedly shows the accused asking the victim if his name is Mohammed, along with claiming his Adar card before being repeatedly slapped.

Bhawarlal Jain, a resident of Sarsi village in Ratlam district, disappeared on May 15 after visiting a religious program in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan, and was found dead on Friday morning on Rampura Road under the jurisdiction of Manasa Police Station, about 38 km from the district headquarters, police said.

K.L. said. Danji, who is in charge of the Manasa Police Station, said, “But after performing the last rites for the deceased, his family members recognized the alleged video and reported it to the police.” After the video came out, the police registered a case under the Indian Penal Code (IPC) Sections 302 (involuntary manslaughter) and 304 (involuntary manslaughter does not amount to murder), and launched an investigation. According to preliminary information, the man who was seen in the video assaulting mentally retarded people, was identified as Dinesh Kushwaha, a resident of Manasa, he said.

He said the man who assaulted the victim and the person who filmed the video escaped. “The video may have been filmed on May 19, but further investigations are underway,” Dungey added. The video allegedly shows the accused repeatedly slapping the victim while asking for his Adar Card. He said the accused is heard asking the victim if his name is Muhammad, and later starts slapping repeatedly while asking for his Aadhaar card. Meanwhile, Congress veteran and Rajya Sabha member Digvijaya Singh, in a tweet, described the accused Dinesh Kushwaha as the BJP leader.

“I got information that a crime against BJP Dinesh Kushwaha has been registered under Article (IPC) 302 (murder). Singh said in a tweet while tagging another tweet about the Nimush incident, let’s see if he has been arrested or not. No. The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Kamal Nath, also raised questions about the state of law and order in the state.

“What is happening in Madhya Pradesh after all? Tribes were executed in Sioni, incidents of Guna, Mau and Mandla and now an elderly person said to be named Bhanwarlal Jain in Manasa, Nemush district of the state,” he said in a tweet. He said the accused in Nemuch are also linked to the BJP like those involved in the Sioni incident, adding that the government is only focusing on the events while the criminals are free of anything.

When asked about the congressional allegations, BJP Secretary Rajneesh Agrawal told PTI, “The incident is unfortunate. The accused is accused and has nothing to do with party politics. The state government will not excuse any of the persons involved in such an act. Our party believes in the rule of law.” He claimed that previous congressional governments participated in the protection of criminals. State Home Minister Narutam Mishra said a case has been registered against Kushwaha and an investigation is underway.

(with input from PTI)

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