Egypt turns to India as wheat crisis worsen amid Ukraine war

Published June 28, 2022 07:14 AM IST

Egypt is facing a terrible wheat crisis amid a Russian invasion of Ukraine. As the war cuts its supply from the Black Sea, Egypt has decided to make India its top wheat exporter. World’s largest wheat importer is gearing up to buy 1,80,000 tonnes of Indian wheat. Egypt has agreed to buy 500,000 tonnes of wheat from India in May but no agreement has been signed, Egypt’s supply minister Ali Mosheli said. “Based on what the supplier said, it had to be in the wheat ports, then it would be available,” Mosselhi said. Egypt is in talks with Russian suppliers for a wheat purchase deal, Mosselhi said. “Egypt is also looking at ways to extract more flour from its grain,” said Mosselhi, increasing the percentage of flour used for subsidized bread from 82% to 87.5%. Watch this video for more details.

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