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All singers, rappers, beatboxers, poets, musicians, mimics and comedians were called upon to take the stage – the young performers of Delhi University could not wait to hear such publications in the virtual space two years later. Pestilence. Like open mic events, one can showcase their talent in front of an audience, return to DU’s campus, and share how much the emerging performers love the freedom it gives them!

Ayush Goel, a third-year student of Business Economics at Shivaji College, recently voiced his poetry at the Open Mic hosted by the college’s Enactus team. Eager to find the stage, he says: “When the COVID-19 situation became common, I decided to perform. I never realized before my first [physical] How good the performance was when the audience praised you for your work. That emotion is enchanting when someone listens to you because it relates to your story or the thought inspires them. Goel adds that open mic is “a really safe and easy place to be where one can think.”

Anushka Raj Sonkar, a second year student of the Bachelor of Business Administration at Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, had the opportunity to dust off her singing skills. He shares, “I’m a trained singer. Although I am out of practice now, I am excited to perform and entertain everyone. It is going to be just Bollywood songs.

Prior to graduation and entering a different world, Pratham Naman is fortunate to return to the final leg of the Fest season. Mr. Guru Tej Bahadur is a talented singer who is attending BCom (Honors) at Khalsa College and he shares his excitement to be a part of the event, aptly named Mike Drop 4.0! “It was a rich experience when I was in my first year. It is a platform for artists to express their art in its true form.

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