Draymond Green Shrugs off Celtics fan Abuse After Wife Fury

Golden State star Draymond Green shrugged off abuse from Boston fans on Thursday after being bombarded with obscene chants during the Warriors’ three-game NBA Finals game against the Celtics.

Green made a mistake from Wednesday’s 116-100 loss at raucous TD lawn to a torrent of obscenities clearly audible from large sections of Celtics supporters.

Golden State coach Steve Kerr and teammate Clay Thompson later targeted Celtics fans for the abuse, while Green’s wife Hazel Rennie condemned the chants in a post-match social media post.

“A big loss tonight but by no means should the fans be allowed to hurl insults at the players! Aren’t they human?” she wrote.

“My kids were at the game tonight hearing that mess? So disgusting for you young Celtics fans. Just shameful.”

Still, Greene, a campaigner, was deeply relieved about the issue when he spoke to reporters on Thursday, saying he has no difficulty preventing abuse when in court, even if it upsets family members in the stands.

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“It obviously can affect them, and I understand that,” Green said. “For me as I go to the stadium, these people are saying that on the ground, quite frankly, my family is not there with me either.

“So at the end of the day my teammates and I are right there on the field versus their buddies. That’s just what it should be, channel all my energy and focus on it there.”

“I didn’t give much to the public anyway, which I think was a bit more problematic than I would have done.”

His Warriors teammate Thompson said after Wednesday’s defeat that the crowd wasn’t a problem – while at the same time taking a heavy blow to the Celtics fans.

“It wasn’t a factor,” Thompson said of the abuse directed at Green.

“We’ve played against rude people before. Throwing F-bombs with the kids in the crowd. Real neat. Good job, Boston.”

Meanwhile, Warriors coach Kerr echoed Thompson when asked about his view of the Boston crowd. “Elegant,” Kerr said. “Very stylish.”

Meanwhile, Green vowed to return from Friday’s dismal third game, when the Warriors will attempt to tie their best of seven series with a 2-2 draw.

“We’re a much better team when I’m offensively aggressive, so I have to be for this team,” said Green, who scored only two points and made only four rebounds on Wednesday.

“I’ve always been very proud of myself for giving the team what it needs to win.”

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