Dos and Don’ts for MPs and MLAs While Electing India’s Next President

Who will succeed Ram Nath Kovind as the next president of India? The answer to this question will be decided on July 18 when the elected Members of Parliament and MLAs across India vote in the 2022 presidential election and will be known to the country on July 21 when the votes are counted. The Election Commission announced, on Thursday, the schedule of the 2022 presidential elections. The term of President Ram Nath Kovind ends on July 24.

Here’s a look at the guidelines an elected representative should follow while voting in a presidential election:

  1. The President of India is elected by members of the Electoral College made up of elected members of both Houses of Parliament, and elected members of the legislatures of all states, including the National Capital Territory of Delhi and the Union Territory of Puducherry
  2. Members nominated from either the Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha or state legislatures are not eligible to join the Electoral College and, therefore, are not eligible to participate in the elections.
  3. Likewise, members of legislatures are also not voters for presidential elections
  4. The Election Commission will give elected MPs and MLAs a pen, and they will have to give preference to using it. No other pen will be accepted
  5. Elections will be held in the legislative assemblies and the House of Representatives
  6. Members of Parliament and MLAs can cast their votes from other locations provided they provide advance information and take approval 10 days in advance.
  7. No political party can issue a whip while voting in the presidential election
  8. Covid-19 protocol must be followed, including wearing face masks and social distancing
  9. It is forbidden to use plastic materials during the electoral process

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