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Keeping the dog as a pet is one of the most wonderful and joyful things in life. The best part about having a dog is watching their excitement when someone comes home. They wait for their men all day and when they return home from work they cannot control their happiness. In one such sweet video posted on Instagram, a dog is seen greeting his man with enthusiasm when he returns from work.

Two days ago a_windy_soul posted a video on her Instagram account. It has garnered over 1.19 lakh views so far. The video’s text inserts, “He waits a whole day to get back from work. He never misses to go downstairs and welcome him home. The tail can be seen shaking as you go.

“It is incredible how he always knows when I go home. Also, I’ve noticed that coffee never flies on Dad and Mom. He may know that this hurts him. Have you noticed your children behave in a certain way in front of elders and children? ”The caption of the video reads.

Watch the video below:

The video has received more than 6,000 likes and many comments.

The Instagram user commented, “Such a good boy.” “This is an absolutely unconditional love bond,” another posted. “It’s one of the most beautiful feelings,” the third said.

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