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A dog-hitting video using a toy hockey stick has been posted on Instagram.

Are you looking for a dog video to brighten up your day? Then you’re in luck, because a video of a dog hitting a goal can make you very happy. The video posted on the Instagram page devoted to a dog named Darrell is so sweet to watch. His video can leave you laughing too.

“This goes for anyone who needs an extra boost of positivity. Darrell is working on shooting in the corners and every time he is successful,” reads the caption posted with the video. The video opens to show the insertion of a text that reads, “Please take some time to appreciate the pure joy of my dog ​​after the score.”

The video shows the dog holding the ball in front of him and holding a small hockey stick in his mouth. A glass in the distance is also set aside. The dog appears to come to the ball with confidence and hit it with a stick. Guess what happens next? Spoiler alert: He scores a goal. Immediately, he turns to face his man and the look of pure joy on his face is reflected.

Watch the amazing video:

The video was posted a few days ago. Since the posting, the clip has garnered various comments from people. Most people couldn’t stop talking about Pooch’s idol. You have the opportunity to agree to most of the comments shared by people.

“Good job !!!!! Such an intelligent boy !!!!!”… wrote by Instagram users. The third commented, “You are incredible Darrell !!” The fourth commented, “And such a talent!” The fifth shared.

What is your opinion on the video?

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