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A video of a very cute dog trying to conquer a bean bag has been posted on Instagram.

Finding the right place to sit when using a bean bag is not always an easy task. If you relate to that statement, the dog’s struggles may seem familiar to you when trying to seize a bean bag. Shared online, the video shows who wins this fight between Pooch and the Beanbag.

A dog named Stella shared a video of herself with her pooch brother on Instagram. The caption posted with the video reads, “I’m here to watch everyone talking about Marvel movies and trying to get comfortable in the Stella Bean Bag.”

The video opens to show Stella standing on it with a bean bag placed on the floor. Throughout the video, she tries her best to find a comfortable seat to sit on as the bean bag keeps moving. She finally manages to seize the bean bag and settle down. The video ends with her reaction to the whole ordeal.

Watch the video:

The video was posted a few days ago. Since sharing, the video has garnered nearly 16,000 likes and the numbers are only increasing. This sharing has prompted people to post various comments. Not many people could stop talking about the adorableness of the puppy.

“One of the best Stella videos ever!” Written by Instagram users. “Big sigh at the end,” another shared. “Stella we all are,” the third posted. Others have expressed the same view. “I’m tired of seeing it,” the fourth commented. “I felt her struggle, until sighing,” the fifth expressed.

What is your opinion on the video?

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