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A video of the dog meeting his favorite cartoon character, Tigger, has been posted on Reddit.

A video where a dog meets her favorite cartoon character has become a source of great pleasure to many on the Internet. It shows how Pooch responds to the tigger role of the popular cartoon Winnie-the-Pooh. The video has the chance to make you laugh from ear to ear.

The video was originally posted on ticktalk. However, the clip is now being re-shared on various social media platforms. Like this post on Reddit shared with the caption explaining what is displayed in the video. “The service dog meets her favorite character at Disneyland,” it says.

The video opens to show the dog standing alone. In a few moments, a Tiger impersonator walks in and hugs a dog. At first, Pooch is calm and composed but her favorite role is to pamper her, her enthusiasm visible. Soon she was shaking her tail and lying on the floor and asking for some belly rub.

Watch the amazing video:

The video was posted 20 hours ago. Since being shared, it has collected several updates. In fact, the video has so far garnered over 4,500 votes. The video prompted people to post love-filled comments.

“Oh boy! She looks so happy, ”a Reddit user shared. “Thank you, Tiger. Another posted that this is too sweet. “I’m not crying, you,” the third wrote.

However, some expressed their displeasure and shared how the dog should be out of costume.

What is your opinion on the video?

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