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Dogs are considered a man’s best friend and it is always a pleasure to watch videos where puppies are part of their human marriage. If you’ve ever petted a dog, you should be aware of how excited they are to see you. A video posted on Instagram shows that a dog is really excited for his man’s wedding, which starts to run wild. Whatever happens next can make you laugh.

The video is posted on the Instagram page for LovePaws, a wedding planning service. The Labrador Retriever dog is so excited to be part of her human marriage that it runs to the couple standing near the altar. The dog jumps on the groom in a blue suit and manages to control him. The dog also dismantles the microphone, which runs wildly.

“When your dog is so excited to be part of your wedding,” the video caption says, along with a laughing emoji.

Watch the video below:

After posting, the video has received over 900 likes. This prompted netizens to post several comments.

“Hilarious, nothing serious in the lab,” an Instagram user commented. “Haha it’s a Labrador walk,” another posted. “Love the little mess every time,” the third said. Another person posted, “Haha! Love it !! They will talk about this in the coming years. “Literally the cutest thing !! Such a good boy! ”Reads another comment.

What is your opinion of this adorable dog?

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