Doctor shares vital tips for parents to help your children beat the summer heat | Health

Caring for children during the summer can be overwhelming, and parents often look for ways to keep the kids cool and happy during the hot sun. Because babies and children can get sick during the summer, they are exposed to many summer health problems such as dehydration, heat stroke, gases, acidity, diarrhea, sunburn and exhaustion and can cause irritation and discomfort.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr Varshali Bichkar, consultant pediatrician and neonatologist at Motherhood Hospital in Lunalon, Pune, advised parents not to panic and take care of their children. To help your children cope with the heat of the summer, here are some tips:

1. Dress appropriately – Wear baby or baby loose, lightweight clothes made from sweat absorbing cotton. Avoid using layers of clothing when it comes to your babies. Overheating is associated with sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), a life-threatening sleep disorder.

2. Maintain proper room temperature – The baby / baby room should not be too hot or too cold. If you are using the AC, do not take the baby to the room immediately after taking a bath so that the baby may get cold. Also, there should be good ventilation in the room. If necessary, use window shades in the child’s room. Use 100% soft cotton sheets for baby or children at bedtime. Avoid opening windows during the day. Do not leave the child or child unattended in the pool, bathtub or car. It is imperative that parents do not go out with their children from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm as the temperature is very hot during that time. In case, you need to take the children out of the house and then wear caps.

3. Hydrate Your Baby / Baby – The baby or baby loses fluid because of sweating in hot weather. Signs of dehydration include restlessness and rapid breathing. Therefore, infants under 6 months should be breastfed frequently and younger children should have adequate water and other hydration fluids such as buttermilk, lemon water or coconut water.

4. Use Sunscreen – Only after consulting the doctor. Do not use any products without a doctor’s recommendation.

5. Food – In the case of children, give them healthy food. Try to avoid junk, processed, oily and canned foods. Be careful when offering ice cream or cold drinks because they can invoke cold and cough.

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