Do You Travel by Mumbai Western Railway Line? Your Life May be at Risk as Key Workers are Bunking Job

Is the lives of those traveling on the Mumbai West Railway threatened? That’s the question that comes to mind after a report of an “agent racket” being carried out by track maintenance personnel at WR, who are responsible for looking after emergency work on railroads.

According to a report by Mid Day, the vigil department of Western Railways recently discovered a proxy scheme. While their employees are on extended vacations, a few of the higher authorities responsible for maintenance work in WR maintain their presence. Officials said the lives of thousands of passengers are at risk due to a bribe of 500 rupees every day.

The vigil department has arrested four employees – Manjai Kumar, Munna Kumar, Ranjit Kumar and Ramdir Kumar – who have been recorded while they were in their places of origin for 15-20 days during the investigation. Senior officials dealing with the scam, according to the sources cited in the report, accepted a daily bribe of Rs 500 from each worker.

False attendance record was found, the workers were in Bihar

All personnel involved in the backfill work are “Fourth Track Supervisors”, who are assigned to emergency maintenance on railroad tracks. The report said that according to the sources, their absence from work may lead to accidents or derailment if the bars are defective. Last Monday, the vigil agency searched the office of Chief Engineer of Western Railways (P.WAY) in Andheri after receiving a tip. Surprisingly, the sources said in the report that the vigil department discovered that individuals on unauthorized leave had bought their tickets using the railway corridor.

Mumbai’s Chief Vigilance Inspector Mayur Kinsale and his colleagues discovered a false attendance sheet that marked workers present on the days when they were not at work. Arvind Kumar, the chief officer of the department, is also under investigation, as he finds everyone involved in the scam working for him. The track is maintained by about 350 employees in Andheri’s office. According to the investigation, it was the employees who were working in shelters in Bihar. Sources were quoted as saying that all the people whose names have been revealed so far have confessed.

‘Hideouts should be subject to severe punishment’

“A few days ago, the vigil department raided our office and found quite a few people who flagged the agent. All the workers are working under the supervision of Arvind Kumar, the officer in our office. We are also conducting an administrative investigation into this matter. It is a serious case. It must be the people who They are working on track maintenance present on the job Vivek Pawar, the officer in charge of the Chief Engineer’s Office (P.WAY) at Western Railway in Andheri, told Mid Day that the vigil department will take action.

This is a serious topic and I will meet with the Secretary General of Railways and inquire about it. “The perpetrators should be punished and the officers involved in this rabbit scam should get maximum punishment,” RJ Kapar, General Secretary of Western Railway Mazdur Sangh was quoted as saying. Western Railways officials said the vigil department has conducted a preliminary investigation into the issue.

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