‘Disgraceful’: China on US general’s Ladakh remarks on boundary issue with India | World News

China and India have the will and ability to address the question of border status, the Chinese Foreign Ministry (MoFA) said on Thursday after a US general visited India called China’s level of activity in eastern Ladakh “eye-opening”. Dialogue and negotiation and US officials are trying to add “fuel to the fire.”

The US Army’s Pacific Commanding General, Charles A., is on a four-day tour of India. China has responded in the wake of Flynn’s remarks. In a conversation with journalists on Wednesday, Flynn spoke of “dangerous” infrastructure development from China across its borders with India in the Ladakh sector and called China’s activities in the region “eye-opening.”

Addressing a regular press conference, China’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Zhao Lijian said, “Some US officials have pointed fingers and tried to blow the flame and set fire between the two countries. It’s a shame.

India on Thursday said it was carefully monitoring developments along its border with China, including infrastructure in the eastern Ladakh sector.

“India has carefully monitored developments along with our border areas, including the construction of infrastructures on the Chinese side in the western region, and has taken deeper areas,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Arindam Baghchi said at a press conference.

“As the developments in recent years have clearly demonstrated, the government is committed to maintaining territorial integrity and sovereignty and taking all appropriate and appropriate measures,” Bagchi said.

He said that in recent years, the Government of India has taken various steps to develop infrastructure in the border areas to not only meet India’s strategic and security needs but also to facilitate the economic growth of the regions.

Describing the border situation as “generally stable,” a Chinese spokesperson said, “Most of the western region of the China-India border is aware of the separation of the two frontline armies. The China-India border question is a matter between two countries.”

In May this year, India and China held talks on border issues, where they decided to hold the next round of senior commanders meeting on an earlier date.

Following the Galvan conflict last year, there have been several rounds of military and diplomatic talks to resolve the crisis. Divorce took place at certain boundary points but by and large, there was a disturbance over the entire exit.

“With regard to the current situation (in eastern Ladakh), we have had constant communication from China on diplomatic and military lines,” said MEA spokesman Bagchi.

On the Chinese offensive that began in April-May last year, the Defense Ministry in its year-end review outlined Chinese unilateral and provocative measures to change the status quo by force in more than one area of ​​the LAC. Responded in an orderly manner.

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