Dia Mirza says premarital sex, premarital pregnancy are matters of ‘personal choice’, is relieved Indian law protects women and their rights

the actor Zia Mirza She declined to be scrutinized about her pregnancy and second marriage, saying “we are in the dark ages” when it comes to women’s rights. Noting recent events in the United States, where debates about abortion laws have raged for decades, she said many of those laws harbor “retrograde ideas” about premarital sex and pregnancy.

Zia tied the knot with businessman Vibhav Rekhi in February 2021 and announced her pregnancy in April. In a new interview with The Times of India, she said that while many criticize premarital sex and premarital pregnancy, “enough people are aware of the fact that it’s a personal choice.” She said that people are not as progressive as they might imagine themselves.

Speaking of women’s rights, she said, “Look at the kind of crimes that are still committed against women,” and noted recent events in America, where “a woman cannot have an abortion if she wants to.” She was satisfied that the law “at least in India” protects women and their rights.

after, after announces her pregnancyZia responded to an Instagram user who questioned the timing of her marriage in relation to her pregnancy, and asked her why she did not reveal her pregnancy before she tied the knot with Vibhav. She replied, “Interesting question. First, we didn’t get married because we were having a baby together. We were actually getting married because we wanted to spend our lives together. We found out we were going to have a baby while we were planning our wedding. So this marriage is not the result of pregnancy. We didn’t announce the pregnancy until we knew it was safe.” (Medical reasons). This is the happiest news of my life. I have waited for many years for this to happen. It is impossible for me to hide it for any non-medical reason.”

Zia will next appear in Bhid, directed by Anuphav Sinha. Previously she worked with the director on Cash, Dus, and Tappad.

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