Dhanush’s Lawyer Sends Rs 10 Crore Defamation Notice To Madurai Couple

Tamil star Dhanush’s lawyer has filed a legal notice on behalf of his client of the Madurai couple, Tamil Nadu, who claim to be the actor’s biological parents. Atrangi Re’s representative and father Kasthuri Raja Lawyer S Haja Mohiuddin have asked the couple to refrain from making false allegations against Dhanush and to apologize publicly.

The couple will face a defamation lawsuit worth Rs 10 crore for damage to the actor’s reputation if they fail to apologize publicly and withdraw their fake complaint, the legal notice warns. According to the reports, “My client hereby invites you to desist from making false and unacceptable allegations and libel against them henceforth.”

Dhanush and his father also insisted that the couple should publish a press release acknowledging that all of their allegations are baseless and that they apologize for such allegations.

The lawyer noted, “My client further invites you to issue a press release stating that you have made false allegations. If you fail to do so, my clients will initiate civil and criminal proceedings and will seek an amount of Rs 10 crore as compensation for damage to my clients’ reputation.”

Kathiresan, 60, a retired government bus driver, and his wife Meenakshi, 55, moved Madurai’s seat at the Madras High Court in November last year, claiming that Dhanush was one of their three children, who were born at Rajajji Government Hospital in Madurai. They claimed that the star refuses to pay their daily expenses.

In their initial application to the court, they stated that despite numerous attempts, Dhanush was unwilling to meet them, and requested the court’s intervention in obtaining assistance from Dhanush to pay their monthly medical bills of Rs 65,000. Dhanush filed a petition in Madras HC requesting a stay of proceedings after being summoned by the Madurai Court of HC.

Ultimately, the court overturned the couple’s case on April 22, after medical verification of Dhanush’s alleged identification marks and provision of his birth certificate.

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