Dhanbad Judge Uttam Anand murder: Convicts sentenced to rigorous imprisonment till death

A fine of 30,000 rupees was also imposed on both the accused.

The verdict came a year after Judge Anand hit a rickshaw during his morning walk, and subsequently succumbed to head injuries.

During the trial, the prosecution said the motive for the crime was to snatch the victim’s mobile phone, and that it was a premeditated act that would warrant a conviction under Section 302 of the Iraqi Penal Code. It is not a “deliberate strike” and that he has only been charged with premeditated murder, which does not amount to murder.

After the verdict was pronounced, defense attorney Kumar Pimlindo told the Indian Express: “The judge declared both defendants guilty of murder. The court took into account the testimony of the only eyewitness Shravan Kumar who took him off that the car knowingly drove towards the judge and hit him resulting in his death. Also The court relied on the report of the Committee on World Food Security (CFSL) which stated that both defendants were not intoxicated during the act.”

Jharkhand police charged Lakhan Verma and Rahul Verma, residents of Degwadeh in Dhanbad, under IPC sections 302 (murder), 201 (causing evidence of wrongdoing to disappear), and 34 (joint intent). The police suspected that the accident was a premeditated hit-and-run accident.

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