Delhiwale: Twilight in Gurugram | Latest News Delhi

It is possible to travel with stagnation.

One way to do this is to stay for a long time at the Jama Masjid at Sadar Bazaar in Gurugram. The small building is not nearly as magnificent as the more famous name in Old Delhi. But being here by the end of the day, the amber shade of dusk slowly turns into darkness, and this enclosed but open space evokes a sense of travel for the visitor. All you need to do is step into the yard in the evening and stay motionless for a couple of hours.

The courtyard has a cleaning pool in its center and an arched gallery on two sides, with its balconies overlooking the crowded market sidewalks. In the evening, the setting sun comes straight into the courtyard and, depending on how much smoke is in the air, it can look as thin as a gold coin or a dil ki akhari shama. The rest of the sky is submerged in different versions of blue and pink, with each layer trapped in faint borders.

With the departure of the sun, the sky grows black. The courtyard of the mosque is covered with a layer of semi-gloom. Everything and everyone in the courtyard looks a little fuzzy. As the world is still being created, and its elements are not yet fully formed in their critical models.

This evening, some boys are sitting in the yard and one of them is blindfolded and lying on the floor. An elderly crowd is sitting on the balcony, quietly watching the bazaar lights. The scene looks like a centuries-old painting on a museum wall.

The facial gallery looks like a deserted part of the market, the eatery lit by red bulbs.

In this changed light, the world around the mosque is looking different than it was just an hour ago. You feel as if you have traveled far without moving an inch, like sitting at a window on a train or plane.

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