Delhi Confidential: Playing It Safe

Despite the expected victory of its candidate Droupadi Murmu in the presidential election on Monday, the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) directed all its deputies to attend in the national capital on Saturday itself. Party leaders said they did not want to take the risk because there might be some unexpected hurdles at the last minute. Representatives met on Saturday evening and had a training session for them on how to vote. However, in the opposition congress camp, the deputies did not receive any instructions or guidance from the party leadership regarding the presidential election. While there was no communication from the central leadership to the party’s deputies regarding the presidential election, the Kerala congressmen received a letter from BJP Chairman K. Surendran asks for their support for Mormo.

“Honorary Chief”

Raja Sabha Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu was pleasantly surprised on Sunday when Grand Congress leader Jaram Ramesh proposed to the government creating the position of “Honorary President” as a token of appreciation for his contributions in the Senate. Ramesh’s suggestion came at a meeting of storied leaders in the Rajya Sabha held by Naidu, who will retire as Vice President next month. It was an emotional meeting with several opposition leaders who praised Naidu, who often had arguments and disagreements on various issues. In fact, Ramesh said that Naidu used to get angry and angry at opposition leaders, but he was a kind person at heart and would be missed.

Kerala trip

After the seasonal parliament session is over, environment ministry officials will have something to look forward to – the upcoming meeting of the National Tiger Protection Authority, this time in Kerala. The last NTCA meeting was held earlier this year, in Arunachal Pradesh – the first NTCA meeting to be held outside New Delhi. This is the mandate of Environment Minister Bhubandar Yadav, who has decided to take policies outside the national capital. Yadav, who is also the Minister of Labor, has started holding various central meetings in the states – often interacting with locals – to address issues on the ground. Yadav also increased the frequency of meetings of various committees and agencies.

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