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The acting skills of Judge L Nageswara Rao were the flavor of the day in legal circles on Friday as the Supreme Court Justice was revealed to have played a role in the 1989 Hindi film, ‘Kanoon Apna Apna’, starring Dilip Kumar, Nutan, Sanjay Dutt and Kadar Khan among others. This was revealed at a farewell party organized by the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) for Judge Rao, who will retire on June 7. Speaking at the event, SCBA Vice President Pradeep Rai said Judge Rao is multifaceted and besides being a cast member, Ranji-level cricketer also played a role in the film. Later in his speech, Judge Rao said he entered theater in college and had a cousin who was a director and wanted him to take a role. It was a short role and that ended. “I didn’t want to be an actor at first,” he said. “You all know that lawyers act in court. Judges too. When there is some tension in the court, we try to control the lawyers by making a truce between two lawyers who are in the neck of the other, by acting sometimes, and asking them to please them, sometimes about By raising the voice. So, acting is part of the profession.”

Candidate search

Scheffer of China was keeping the conference leadership engaged for several days. Subsequently, the party began reaching out to allies and like-minded parties to determine the opposition’s joint candidate for the upcoming presidential and vice presidential elections. A senior leader of the Congress party said that informal talks had begun and that the possibility of holding an official meeting of all opposition parties would be decided soon. In 2017, the opposition submitted former Lok Sabha President Meera Kumar for the post of President and Gopal Krishna Gandhi for the election of Vice President.

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