Delhi: Brief respite in heat from Monday, max temp could fall by 2-3 degrees

While no change is expected in the maximum temperature over northwest India in the next three days, it could fall by around two to three degrees after that, according to an India Meteorological Department (IMD) forecast issued on Friday morning.

Heat wave conditions are on the forecast for Delhi on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On Friday, the maximum temperature is likely to be 44 degrees Celsius. The normal maximum temperature, or the long period average, for May 12 to 15 is 39.3 degrees Celsius. The maximum temperature is likely to remain at 44 degrees Celsius on Saturday and Sunday as well, going by the forecast.

Heat wave conditions are also on the forecast for parts of Rajasthan from May 13 to 16, while isolated parts of Jammu and Kashmir could witness heat wave conditions till May 15. Southern Haryana and Punjab could also record heatwave conditions till May 14, while parts of Madhya Pradesh could record a heatwave spell from May 13 to 17. Parts of Rajasthan, western Madhya Pradesh, Haryana and Gujarat saw heat wave conditions on Thursday. The highest maximum temperature recorded on Thursday was 48.1 degrees Celsius at Barmer, Rajasthan.

A fresh western disturbance is likely to affect the western Himalayan region from May 16 onwards, and could bring scattered rainfall to the region from May 16 to 18. Under the influence of the western disturbance, cloudy skies are on the forecast for Delhi from May 16 to 18, and the maximum temperature is likely to fall to 42 degrees Celsius on May 16.

The minimum temperature has remained above 25 degrees Celsius over the past week, indicating warm nights. The minimum temperature recorded early on Friday was 28.1 degrees Celsius, three degrees above the normal. The normal minimum temperature for May 12 to 15 is 25.3 degrees Celsius. The minimum temperature is likely to increase further and hit 30 degrees Celsius on May 17, according to the IMD’s forecast for the next six days.

While the temperature at 5.30 am on Friday was 28.8 degrees Celsius, the relative humidity at the same time was 69%.

The air quality index (AQI) on Thursday was 164, in the ‘moderate’ category. The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) identified ozone and PM2.5 as the prominent pollutants on Thursday. The AQI is likely to remain in the ‘moderate’ category or in the upper end of the ‘satisfactory’ category from May 13 to 15, according to a SAFAR forecast issued on Thursday.

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