Delay in delivery of service: HSVP chief administrator reprimanded, penalised

This is a typical example of bureaucratic notoriety and as a reason for citizens to criticize the bureaucracy, the Haryana Service Rights Commission has severely criticized Haryana Shehri Vikas Authority (HSVP) Chief Administrator Ajit Balaji Joshi.

He was also fined The 20,000 deadline for causing a ‘significant’ delay in delivering a five-day service, thereby causing harassment and hardship for a woman seeking euthanasia – a practice that deliberately ends life to alleviate pain and suffering.

“This case highlights the enormous delay in making decisions regarding issues affecting the lives of citizens, but reflects the sensitivity, stubbornness and arrogance of the concerned officer,” the commission said in its order on Thursday.

The case relates to the transfer of a plot in Sector 64 of Faridabad to Megha Gupta in July 2012. In 2019, the woman applied for a conveyance deed, which was rejected because the area had been increased by 135 square meters. To 148.5. She was asked to keep a deposit 58,000 in increased size and additional account 3.91 lakh as arrears of interest.

He contacted the HSVP Faridabad administrator to state the exact amount of the enhanced area to be paid interest and to receive the Conveyance Deed, alleging that he was not informed of the increase in land.

The matter was decided in her favor in March 2021. However, in April, the estate officer (Faridabad) sent the case to the Legal Division of the Chief Administrative Officer’s office in Panchkula to decide whether to file a revision application or enforce these orders. .

Twice – in December 2021 and April 2022 – the additional district official said the case was not worth a revision petition and could be executed. He suggested that since the fault was part of the HSVP officer, the factual investigation could be identified and the loss caused to the HSVP could be recovered by the guilty officer.

However, the chief executives ordered the report from the Faridabad administrator to set the responsibility. The harassed woman then sought permission from the Prime Minister to euthanize. When the woman approached the commission in May, administrators told the sheriff (in WhatsApp) to submit a revision application and submit a revision application within 90 days in violation of section 17 (8) of the HSVP Act.

The officer did not attend, but replied that it was decided to give preference to the revision petition against the order. He said that since the issue is pending before the quasi-judicial authority, a self-motivated notice can be withdrawn from the interests of justice until the final decision of the issue.

“The answer is sensitivity, delay in decision-making, arrogance and a strange style of action,” the commission said. The complainant, with no fault of hers, has been waiting for the shipment letter from April 19, 2019.

“Ajit Balaji Joshi not only ignored the provisions of the Haryana Service Act, 2014, but also violated the provisions of the HSVP Act, 1977 and delayed delivery of notified service for an indefinite period of more than a year,” the Commission noted. The Commission also granted 5,000 as compensation to complainant Megha Gupta.

The HSVP Chief Administrator is now instructed to issue orders to the Administrator within 15 days of these orders subject to the decision of the Appellate Authority.

Box: Important observations made by the Commission

The Commission is of the view that it should be a case study in civil services to demonstrate the impact of systemic apathy on the lives of citizens, the system being developed and surviving on their money.

A separate reference is made to the Administrative Reform Department and the Haryana Institute of Public Administration in this regard.

Officials are not tyrants, they can make decisions in accordance with their wishes and wishes when dealing with public affairs, but are bound by rules and regulations.

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