Day after arrest, actor Siddhanth Kapoor released on bail in drugs case

The son of Bollywood actor Shakti Kapoor Siddhanth Kapoor and four others, who were He was arrested on drug charges During a party at the Bengaluru Hotel, they were released on bail on Monday night.

Bengaluru police arrested Siddhanth, Akhil Soni, business manager at a software company, Hargot Singh, head of logistics at a startup, Hani Rafeeq, digital marketing employee, and Akhil, a freelance photographer, on Sunday night.

“All five have been released on bail and will have to appear before the police when called,” Deputy Police Commissioner (East) Bhimashankar S Guled said.

A police official said Siddhanth was the disc driver at the event and that most of the party-goers were from North India.

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Gould said they confiscated seven MDMA tablets and a small amount of marijuana from a rubbish bin. “We have collected CCTV footage and are reviewing it because we suspect she may have destroyed or disposed of drugs. The event was open to the public,” he said.

Siddhanth is the brother of actress Shraddha Kapoor. Actor and assistant director, he has acted in more than 20 films.

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