Darshan Kumaar: The pressure to deliver has surely increased

After being offered successful back-to-back projects, actor Darshan Kumar feels that making choices is definitely tough for him.

“When the audience loves your character so much, the responsibilities increase considerably as they look forward to what I do next. So, the pressure to deliver is definitely higher! And, the challenge is to choose a good subject for it and then give my 200%,” says the actor during a visit to Lucknow. .

Kumar says that only his best performance after selection is in his hands. “The success of the film or the series is not in my hands. It is a team work and many people are involved in it. So, all I can do from my end is that I give my best. The audience spends their money and precious time on us so it is my responsibility to perform for them to the best of my ability.

The actor is in no rush. “By God’s grace I got good offers. After Mary Kom Then there was the long list of contributions from a devoted husband and best friend NH10 A big list of villains and now the main character ki line log gai hai! I am blessed but I am not in a hurry,” he says.

They are now opting for better offers. “An A-lister director wanted to work with me but couldn’t because the movie had an opening weekend play. Kashmir Files of the clock 350 crores they gave me their scripts. Satishji (Koushik) was one of those who wanted to work with me and now we are doing it Paper 2 Together, they will be shooting in Lucknow.

So far he has struck a good balance between antagonist and protagonist, so is there a change in plan now? “I only believe in scripts, that’s a hero for me! Thanks to our audience this barrier of hero, villain, comedian or character artist is broken. They see you as a performer and what you do in the script. ”

On choosing his roles, he says, “My effort is to show a new side of myself that I have tried. Also, I believe that whatever I do, my character is good. I don’t judge my character and do it with the belief that what he’s doing is absolutely right then it could be murder or whatever!

Kumar’s next film is about to release Deception With R Madhvan, Aparashakti Khurana and Khushali Kumar. “Next season The Family Man Becoming and then hopeful Ashram 4 will be Movies have turned into T20 (cricket) matches, but a web-series is like a Test match where you get a chance to establish yourself, build an innings and play a long match! So, I balance between movies and OTT series.

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