Daily Briefing: Killing of al-Qaeda’s Zawahiri significant for India; Nancy Pelosi arrives in Taiwan

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al Qaeda leader The killing of Ayman al-Zawahiri Important for the global war on terror, as it is for India. Here is the reason:

Indian intelligence agencies have been worried about the recent re-emergence of the al-Qaeda leader. in the video , Al-Zawahiri spoke about the veil controversy In India, it asked Muslims in the Indian subcontinent to fight the supposed assault on Islam “intellectually, using the media and with weapons on the battlefield”.

🔴 The Indian Strategic Foundation saw this video as an attempt by al-Qaeda to recruit in India.

🔴 Moreover, while India looks to establish relations with Kabul, Al-Zawahiri’s presence in the capital shows that the terrorist infrastructure remains active in Afghanistan, and that the Taliban provides a safe haven.

🔴 In the meantime, learn more about the US Army’s ‘secret weapon’ – the Hellfire R9X missile – used to kill al-Zawahiri. In this explanation.

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In the The latest version of Express AddaActress Alia Bhatt said that after the pandemic, both producers and stars are engaged in a “re-evaluation” of the topic of first-time audience salaries and whether they should be balanced against the film’s budget. She has also spoken about the performance of Indian and South Indian films at the box office, faced criticism, her tenure as a producer and more.

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At a meeting of the five-judge High Court, chaired by Chief Justice of India Nevada Ramana, some names of appointments to the Supreme Court were discussed. But there was also an opinion among some of the judges that it would be wise to wait for the next CJI to take over, Indian Express I learned. CJI Ramana is scheduled to retire on August 26. The collegium is likely to meet again on Wednesday.

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In July 2021, the MLA Congress of Bermo, Kumar Jaimangal, lodged a complaint about attempts to “destabilize the coalition government in Jharkhand”. Almost a year later, He claimed another attempt to overthrow the government, after arresting three Congress MLAs in West Bengal for Rs 50,000 in cash. He claimed that the MLAs had lured him to meet Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma. But he found himself in place when an Assam government spokesperson shared a picture of him with Sarma and Union Minister Prahalad Joshi.

In our today’s section, Writes Upendra Baxi On why the Supreme Court’s ruling on PMLA was problematic: “The Court could have resorted to strict constitutional scrutiny, but would instead prefer to designate the PMLA as constituting a ‘complete and comprehensive’ ‘code’, a ‘private and stand-alone law’, ‘existing legislation’ stand-alone” or even “unique.” Indeed, the petitioners questioned whether the SPLA might constitute itself as a parallel legal and constitutional system. The Court justifiably refers to the “mandate” of international anti-money laundering law.”

As US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi arrives in Taiwan on Tuesday night despite China’s reservations, India has been watching developments with interest, though it has yet to comment. Explain India’s relationship with Taiwan and its stance on the one-China policy.

🔴 India and the One China Policy: India does not have formal diplomatic relations with Taiwan yet, as it follows the one-China policy. But while following this policy, India has an office in Taipei for diplomatic functions – the India Taipei Association (ITA) is headed by a senior diplomat.

🔴 Relations between India and Taiwan: Their relationships focus on trade, culture, and education. Now in their thirties, they have been deliberately kept out of sight, due to China’s sensibilities.


The Dalai Lama once said that there are 34,000 identifiable emotions. He would even be hard pressed to show one affection if he were at the Chess Olympiad in Chennai as a spectator. Because it is not allowed. They can’t say hi if a player swerves near their enclosure, they won’t be able to cheer on their favorite player or flash banners to get their attention. Even players don’t play pentathlon or knockout. Nothing is moving, everything is stationary. Watching chess from galleries seems like an exercise in self-control. Silence stifles.

🤫 Delhi SriOn Monday, the Court of Chief Justice of India Nevada Ramana faced a unique problem when a lawyer insisted his petition should be the first in a group that challenged the extension to Director of Enforcement Administration SK Mishra, as he was the first to move the court on the issue. Attorney M. But Sharma was the first to argue the matter on Tuesday. At the end of the hearing, the lawyer sought to raise the issue again when the ICC replied with a smile “Anyway I had argued first today”.

🎧 In today’s episode of Podcast “3 Things”In this article, we take a look at the 5G spectrum auction and how four companies went ahead with it, the revelation of the death of al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, and the causes and impact of the BJP’s massive meeting in Bihar.

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