Daily Briefing: Domestic stock markets on the edge amid 4-year high inflation in US; China top buyer of Indian broken rice

Four-decade-old high inflation in the United States has raised concerns about sharp interest rate increases by the Federal Reserve and Opening stock and currency markets in India. The Sensex Index fell 2.68 percent, or 1,457 points, to close at 52,846.70. The rupee also fell against the US dollar below the 78 mark to reach a low of 78.29, and recovered slightly on the day, but still closed at a record low of 78.13.

πŸ”΄ Foreign portfolio investors withdrew Rs 4,164 crore from Indian stocks on Monday.

Technology, banking, metals and real estate indices fell more than three percent

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πŸ”΄ LIC shares fell 5.85 percent to Rs 668.20 as core investors emptied shares after the holding period ended.

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China emerged as a The largest buyer of Indian rice During the pandemic, the neighboring country imported 16.34 thousand metric tons (LMT) – or 7.7 percent – of India’s total rice exports of 212.10 liters in the 2021-22 fiscal year, according to an analysis of trade data. Approximately 97 percent, or 15.76 LMT, was broken rice, which has seen high demand from that country. In fact, now China is the largest buyer of Indian broken rice, which was earlier exported to African countries.

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Official records show that the house demolished by the Prayagraj administration on Sunday was in His wife’s name is Praveen Fatimah And not Muhammad Javed, the activist who was arrested in connection with the violent protests against the Prophet’s statements last week. Fatima paid a water bill of Rs 4,578 in February and also received a house tax certificate for the 2020-2021 fiscal year.

Days after he claimed before a parliamentary committee of Lanka that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had “pressure” President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to award a power project to Adani Group, Chairman of the Sri Lankan Electricity Board (CEB) in Sri Lanka, MMC Ferdinando, resigned on Monday.

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First-year engineering students, across majors, struggle with math more than any other core subject, according to Learning assessment survey Conducted by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). The survey found that civil engineering students are the “lowest performers” in the “core subjects”.

The Bombay High Court is facing an acute shortage of judges Nearly 40 percent of the jobs are vacant. According to the National Judicial Data Network (NJDG), there are 5.88 lakh cases pending before the Bombay High Court, of which 1.14 thousand are new cases filed in the last year. And while the High Court in February recommended the names of ten lawyers as judges in Bombay HC, the central government has yet to acquit them.

A couple in the village of Piharid in Chhattisgarh come home to find their eldest son, Rahul, missing. Rahul is deaf and dumb, and also suffers from developmental disabilities. After searching for a long time, they finally realized that he had fallen into a pit dug for grief. It has been over 75 hours since he fell into the pit even with over 200 men present Fight multiple challenges to save him.

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Ten months after the climax of the Tokyo Olympics, javelin gold medalist Neeraj Chopra will compete for the first time in Turku. With just over a month left until the World Championships, it will be rubbing shoulders with some greats Who came out of Tokyo empty-handed for championship glory.

delhi secret: When Congress Party leader Rahul Gandhi appeared before the Directorate of Enforcement in connection with the National Herald issue, the party official posted on Twitter pictures of Rahul and Mahatma Gandhi with the caption: β€œWe are Gandhi. Struggle for trust and justice is our identity.”

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