CWG 2022: Failing to keep mother’s promise is causing more heartbreak for Punam

Mothers make sacrifices and if you are a working mother, the challenges are manifold.

Poonam Yadav understood that the hard way when she left her little daughter Priyanshi, months after her birth, to decide to return to the weightlifting arena.

In the past two years, she was mentally exhausted from frequent separation anxiety but played with her own self-assurance — that little Priyanshi would not be disappointed by her mother.

When she returns with her, the toddler fiddles with a gold medallion around her mother’s neck.

But fate had other ideas as Poonam failed to complete a single successful lift in the clean and jerk category, thereby finishing last.

Her defeat doesn’t bother her but not being able to do it for her daughter breaks her heart.

“Isse bada dard kya ho sakta hai ek ma ke liye (There could be no greater sacrifice for a mother),” said Punam, who returned to active competition after winning gold at the Patiala Nationals three months after the birth of her daughter. Born, said.

“Jitna naseeb mein hota hai, utna hi milta hai — everything is predetermined and you cannot change your destiny. We have to keep doing our duties without thinking about the results,” Punam told PTI after she failed to win. Third consecutive CWG medal.

She recounted the incident of how she had to put her worries aside when her daughter fell ill.

“In the beginning, my daughter was regularly suffering from ailments like cold and flu for days and days and I was troubled, just focusing on winning a medal for the country.”

Then on the sidelines of the Bhubaneswar Nationals in March this year, she finally saw her daughter again, and how?

The train from Delhi to Bhubaneswar had a halt at her hometown Mirzapur, where her husband handed over the child and she took her to Bhubaneswar, where she set a national record by lifting a total of 214 kg at her new weight in the snatch (98 kg). 76 kg category

“She was not two years old but she never bothered me during the competition and it went smoothly. She seemed to understand deeply, I am very proud of her,” he said.

So what’s next?

“Right now, I’m empty. I don’t know what’s waiting for me. My husband is very supportive. We’ll see how it goes from here,” she said.

“I have to accept the reality and move on. Like I said everything is predetermined, I will keep giving my best,” he concluded.

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