Cute kittens, adorable Golden Retriever puppy ‘take over’ vet’s office. Watch | Trending

A video featuring cute kittens and an adorable golden retriever dog was posted on Instagram at the veterinarian’s office.

A veterinarian recently took to her Instagram page to share some of the things she’s done in her office. His name is Dr. Matt McGlashan and he has over 1.3 lakh followers on his page. “Things in my office make sense,” reads the opening text of this video. And of course, the video is gaining popularity on Instagram as it features some of the most adorable kittens and equally cute golden retriever puppies.

“Does this seem like an effective workplace?” The caption reads this cute pet video shared on Instagram. The video opens with a display of adorable creatures. The clip ends with the super cute golden retriever puppy looking directly into the camera. It looks like the cute puppy is winning the hearts of everyone who watches the video.

Take a look at the fur babies at the vet’s office below:

The video, posted on June 10, has now received 75,000 likes. It has also collected many adorable comments from people who simply love kittens and puppies.

Instagram users write, “Mowing Kittens in Chairs = Best!” “Why don’t I have spare kittens and puppies in my hospital small hats?” Even veterinarians ask. The third comment reads, “That’s the cute fuzzy office staff I need!”

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