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Experts recommend adding a lot of fiber to your diet for better gut health, which adds to your overall well-being. When it comes to fiber, some foods have a better reputation than others and salad is one of them. Salad is considered a high fiber diet and many people consume large amounts of it, feeling that they are concerned about their daily fiber intake. Nutritionist Bhuvan Rastogi, in his latest Instagram post, has dispelled the myth that salad is ‘the best source of fiber’ and explains how bowl 2 cups of cooked rajma and bread contain more fiber than chopped cucumber. (Also read: Nutritionists suggest easy ways to add fiber to your daily diet)

“I hear a lot about the salad being the best source of fiber. To increase the fiber intake, many people are replacing the regular Indian meal plate with a whole plate of salad,” Rastogi wrote in his latest Instagram post.

He compared two cups of chopped cucumber with half a cup of cooked rajma to 1 roti and shared the nutritional value of both foods.

Half a cup of rajma contains 6 grams of fiber

Contains 1 roti 3g fiber from 30g wheat

On the other hand, 2 cups chopped cucumber is just 1.6 grams of fiber.

(According to the USDA Nutrition Database)

Rastogi found that one cup of bread contains twice as much fiber than two cups of cucumber.

However, nutritionists are not surprised and explain how salads in the Western diet contain more protein, legumes and other nutritious foods than Indian salads, which mainly contain cucumber, onions and tomatoes.

“In the Western diet, fiber comes from salads. Their salads contain protein / legumes. Rastogi says it was never a side dish and not a major source of fiber.

Nutritionists say that when you eat a salad before a meal, you tend to eat less, which can lead to unhealthy weight loss.

“When people ask you to fill this type of salad before your meal, realize that this is not a way to get more fiber, but rather a way to eat less, because they are mostly water (again I say. Don’t support too much, which is usually a severe and unhealthy weight loss. It is a trick to get results, ”says Rastogi, who advocates having salads in moderation.

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