CP PLUS expands with World’s Largest’s State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facility

CP PLUS, India’s leading CCTV brand, started manufacturing surveillance equipment locally in India 5 years ago at its manufacturing facility in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. And since then, the brand has expanded its production capabilities to reach the plant’s maximum production capacity of 1Mn units per month.

To meet the growing demand now, CP PLUS has set up another manufacturing plant in the Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh. With production starting in Q2, 2022-23, this new facility will have three times the current capacity, 3Mn surveillance units per month, making it the world’s largest manufacturing plant for outside surveillance products. 3rd largest in the whole world, including China and China.

The CP PLUS manufacturing facility in Andhra Pradesh is integrated with the world’s latest Fuji-built state-of-the-art SMT lines and semi-robotic assembly and packaging lines. All manufacturing areas are designed with ESD flooring and are dust-free and air-conditioned to achieve the highest quality products in the world.

This manufacturing facility has a wide range of reliability testing equipment to ensure the highest quality of manufactured products and to qualify for tenders and various certifications required by the government. Indian organizations like RDSO, AAI, PWD, Indian Navy.

Shri Aditya Khemka, Managing Director of CP PLUS He said he intends to further expand the production capacity of manifolds in the future. “With the support of our R&D expertise, we have plans to further increase our capabilities to produce 6 million units per month and to be several times larger than the current size, to make our brand more focused on our PM’s achievement. To dream and make India truly self-sufficient.

Additionally, we have 10 acres of additional land for which we have firm plans to develop facilities for backward integration in the CCTV domain. CCTV and recorder parts such as housing, cables and adapters are placed in the first stage of manufacturing, which leads to a real increase in local content in production and goes another mile in the process of localization and localization of CCTV manufacturing in India. !

With visible government. Support, from this wonderful manufacturing facility we expect the exports of surveillance products in the near future. “

All these sectors of mass production, backward integration and exports will create huge employment opportunities for the country, especially for the brand’s current workforce comprising 90% of women workers.

Production for other domestic and international brands, CP Plus has also become the largest Indian OEM and ODM, offering strong competition to Chinese companies and a leading position in the entire surveillance industry.

CP PLUS has been a pioneering Indian brand responsible for leading the security and surveillance industry in the country for many years. Since its inception, CP PLUS has dominated the CCTV industry by introducing a reliable sense of affordable solutions and security to the general public and raising awareness about public safety. Now, the brand’s name is synonymous with CCTV in many parts of the country.

Being a leading brand in the surveillance industry, CP PLUS has successfully conducted hundreds of government projects, securing railways and police stations, air and sea ports, government agencies, public roads and entire smart cities.

Currently, CP is in talks with the Government of India about amendments to the Public Safety Act to introduce the PLI Plan for the PLUS Surveillance Industry and to further improve electronic security for India and its public.

Growth and popularity CP PLUS has successfully put the brand at the forefront of surveillance industry at every stage, just as CP PLUS is now India’s No. 1 is not a manufacturer of surveillance equipment but the largest manufacturing facility. Security and surveillance products anywhere outside China in the entire world.

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