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The video of a cow lying on a woman’s shoulders while on the couch was posted on Instagram.

What do you do when a pet decides to use you as his pillow and falls asleep? Until they wake up you don’t move from your place and hold your position. This is what the woman did when she realized she was now the most adorable cow pillow. A video of this happy moment was posted on Instagram. Chances are you like watching the video over and over again.

The video was posted on the Instagram page The Gentle Born. It is a sanctuary that provides shelter to abused animals. The company has branches in various locations in the US.

The video was shared with the caption, “When Chico needs a pillow, we cancel all our plans.” The video opens to show the cow lying comfortably on the woman’s shoulder. The text’s inserts in the video describe it as “when the cow sleeps on your shoulder.”

Watch the video:

The video was posted 14 hours ago. Since sharing, the clip has amassed more than 1.5 lakh views and the numbers are increasing. The video has amassed over 32,000 likes. The post has prompted people to share various love-filled comments.

“You live there now, until the cow wakes up. It is a cow’s rules, I haven’t written them, ”the Instagram user wrote. “Plans canceled! No movement! Pure peace, ”another commented. “I wish I was her right now,” the third expressed. “Cow’s cuddling is at another level,” posted the fourth. “It’s a cuddly friend now,” the fifth commented.

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