Court Directs Minister’s Daughter Over WB Recruitment Scam

The Calcutta High Court has asked Ankita Adhikari, daughter or Minister of State for Education, Parsh Adhikari to return the salary she has earned so far through her work as a “teacher” by 7 June. She was asked to stop working. The court also said that she would not be able to call herself a teacher anywhere.

The decision comes during a hearing in one of the many cases of wrongdoing in the appointment of teachers in West Bengal. Babita Sarkar highlighted the special case – a job seeker who successfully passed the recruitment exam and was 20th on the waiting list, but her rank was given to Ankita Adhikari due to her father’s influence.

The minister and his daughter were questioned by the CBI for two consecutive days.

Babita Sarkar spoke exclusively with News18, a mother of two who has been looking for a job for years, and said she only wants her job by following the right path. She says, you will fight to the end. “For the past five years, I’ve been running from one column to the next to get a job. Seeing someone could easily land that job with leverage is[disheartening],” she said in an exclusive interview with

Not only Adakari, then Education Minister Partha Chatterjee is under the radar. Former Education Minister of West Bengal and TMC leader Partha Chatterjee has been taken to the High Court to challenge the Calcutta High Court ruling. There are allegations against Chatterjee for his use of influence in the government job in West Bengal. The Minister of Industry has now been questioned for three hours by the CBI for his alleged involvement in the recruitment scam.

Meanwhile, West Bengal SSC has reported 6,861 jobs overloading the number of assistant teachers in supported and sponsored schools. The teachers selected will be selected to teach in grades 9, 10 and 11. Of the total, there are 1,932 positions for assistant teachers for grades 9 and 10, 247 for grades 11 and 12, 1102 positions for grade C and 1980 of furthermore, 750 seats have been created Additional 850 for physical education teachers and 850 for physical education teachers.

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