Congress takes potshots at govt over Sangrur loss, AAP says ‘fair election’

Defeat of the Adamic General Party (AAP) in Sangrour People Opposition parties reverberated in Punjab’s Vidhan Sabha on Tuesday as opposition parties said the ruling party’s roots were uprooted from its stronghold within four months after it was elected to power.

League deputies have tried to downplay the electoral loss, saying that a party government would do so much work in five years that it could not do in 70 years of other party rule.

It all started after a verbal duel between League legislator Anmol Gaghan Maan who said that “Badlaav” “neither health nor education has improved in 70 years of rule” which was also marked by corruption.

MLA Congress and former Transport Minister Amrinder Singh Raja Warring, Anmol said it represented the city of Kharar, where the bus stand was laid three times, but the bus stand never saw the light of day. Warring was among those — and the last to do so — who laid the groundwork for the Kharrar bus platform last year, an operation that Anmol said was scrapped shortly after, in December.

“We may have less knowledge than you, but we have complete honesty and enthusiasm for the job,” she said, training arms in opposition.

Waring responded to her response by referring to Anmol’s “video”, saying that she said she would leave politics if AAP lost Sangrur.

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