Congress’ dilemma: Going solo or fighting in alliance in civic polls | Mumbai news

The Congress’ Maharashtra unit is split over whether the party should go alone in the local bodies elections, or in alliance with its Maharashtra Vikas Aghadi (MVA) partners, the Shiv Sena and the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP).

On Monday, senior Congress leaders of the Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) expressed their views on the issue at the ‘Extended State Executive’ meeting. Further thought-provoking and deliberate on this issue, a two-day state-level conference will be held in Shirazi from June 1.

Meanwhile, in line with the decisions made at the recent “Chintan Shivar” in Udaipur, the MPCC has begun implementing a one-man, one-on-one rule for its corporate officers. Lawyer Wajahat Mirza, who is also the president of the State Minorities Division, has been asked to step down as Yavatmal district Congress president.

Congress has sent a message to the army and the NCP against encroaching on its turf. The party is unhappy that the NCP is contesting with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for the election of the president of the Gondia district council, and is displeased with the Shiv Sena for commenting on its gradual departure from the party.

All India Congress Committee Secretary and Maharashtra Congress Chairperson HK Patila said that a “Nava Sankalpa Workshop” will be held in Shirazi on June 1 and 2.

An MPCC bureaucrat, who attended the meeting on Monday, said that Minister of Public Works, Ashok Chavan had pitched to contest the election in the alliance. “However, [MPCC president Nana] Patole seems to be thinking differently in this regard, ”he said. Chavan later confirmed that they had spoken out in favor of fighting together, but Patole’s aides said the party should go it alone.

“That’s the problem [of whether to contest alone or in an alliance] Left undetermined. MPCC General Secretary and Spokesperson Atul Londhe said the decision was taken to discuss the issue at the New Sankalpari camp in Shirdi. The convention will be attended by 800 delegates, including bureaucrats and Holly and former lawmakers and members of parliament.

Patil told reporters that according to the agenda set out in the “think camp,” one person, one assignment principle will be implemented. “Some [leaders] They submit their resignations.

Patole said the rule would come into force immediately in Maharashtra, Mirza was released as the party’s Yavatmal district chief and a provisional president was appointed. Mr Mirza, a member of the Legislative Council, was appointed as the chairman of the minority wing of the MPCC on Sunday.

Patole said a list of infantrymen who have held many positions in the organization will also be prepared.

“The MVA government will be safe and sailing, and at the same time, Congress will not tolerate anything wrong with the agency,” Patil said. He later responded to a question raised by the Shiv Sena about the disagreement between the Congress and the NCP and the internal problems of the Congress with the BJP in Gondia.

Congress’s digital membership campaign has so far registered over 30 lakh members. The party will launch a 75 km ‘Azadi Gaurav Hike’ in all the districts of the state on August 9, which will conclude on Independence Day.

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