CM Bommai: won’t tolerate lapses in implementation of SC/ST development plan | Bengaluru

The SC and ST Development Board meeting on Friday, chaired by Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraja Bommai, approved the SCSP / TSP Action Plan for 2022-23, and then instructed CM officials to spend the Scheduled Castes sub-plan grant only to the targeted communities.

He instructed the authorities to ascertain the amount 1,600 crores in the bank accounts of various boards and corporations under the Department of Social Welfare will be spent on the Scheduled Castes Sub-Scheme (SCSP) and STP Schemes other than the Ganga Welfare Scheme within the next three months, otherwise it will be redistributed to various programs. Announced this year.

On Friday, Bommai asked officials of the State Development Board to pay for the welfare of the SC / ST communities.

“The ambitious programs of the state government should be implemented before August,” Bommai said at the meeting.

Bommai said stringent measures should be taken to begin implementation of SCSP and TSP programs in education, health, nutrition and women’s welfare before August 15.

According to figures released by the National Family Health Survey-5, 35 per cent of children under the age of five in Karnataka are stunted. Karnataka Congress President DK Shivakumar has expressed concern over the issue and criticized “35 per cent of our children under the age of five are depressed.”

Emphasizing how the state can best meet the nutritional needs of children, with proper planning and targeted approach, the Congress leader said, “I believe Karnataka has the resources to ensure the growth of every child.”

The children of Karnataka are well qualified, he said, highlighting how their poor nutritional levels affect their growth and future prospects.

Bommai said on Friday that “the funds allocated for the welfare of these communities should be used only for these communities and not elsewhere.” .

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