Cheteshwar Pujara scores ton in first game as Sussex captain

Chitchwar Pujara scored a century in his debut as a Sussex captain against Middlesex on Tuesday. This was his fifth century in this county season. His good form continues from Edgbaston’s India-England Test as he scored in the second rounds half a century.

Tom Allsopp, who scored 135, brilliantly supported the Indian who was hitting 115 not at the end of today’s game. The Sussex pair earned a third wicket partnership worth 219 before Tom Helm, who finished all three for 63, struck late by knocking out Allsopp and night guard Archie Lynham in the four-ball space.

Pojarra had started his stint with Sussex with a double hundred against Derbyshire and followed that up with a hundred against Worcestershire and two hundred against Durham. In May, he went 170 unbeaten against Middlesex which helped him get a call-up to the Indian Test team after he was dropped for the home series against Sri Lanka.

Earlier, Middlesex captain Tim Murtagh made a pitchfork to provide early sewing assistance, but that never materialized as his team toiled in sweltering conditions with little success.

Pojarra came in to hit fourth and after a calculated start, the Sussex reserve captain switched to attacking position, leading down the Luke Holman punch wicket to the halfway bounds.

Reaching a half century mark, Pujara brought up the partnership of the hundred by pushing Malan onto the runway in the first six of the game as the Sussexes continued to pile on the run without giving their tired hosts a chance.

Alsop was his first to three numbers – his third ton of the season and second in as many games – before his partner followed, pushing Murtagh for one right after taking the new ball.

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